Healthy Eating Food Programme- May 2021

A highly successful Healthy Holiday Food Programme was delivered by GHBL volunteers from the Barnes Park, Grassmoor Community Facility on 27th May

May 27th Free food parcel 59 children covered

Each child/family carried away x4 bags full of good foods to make into meals at home over the days of the holiday week. Everyone who attended was most grateful and expressed their thanks.The project aimed to provide each child with meals for at least 3 days of the holiday week. 59 Families received food parcels!Jessica Popplewell-Barker (Rykneld) and Dave Maric enticed parents and families to attend the facility from 3.00 after the team of Stephen Wright; Philip McGeever; Kyle Wall Dave Brennan and Barbara Arrandale had bagged up huge quantities of fresh veg/fruit and groceries. Jessica had been donated £100 worth of fresh fruit by Tesco, Clay Cross and this supplemented the huge quantity of fresh/tinned/dried groceries from Fare Share.
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