Partnership Endorsed

Partnership Endorsed

We are pleased to announce that the Grassland Hasmoor... Partnership has recently been endorsed by Local Trust.  The Partnership (formerly Interim Steering Group) will guide the overall direction of Grassland Hasmoor...  ensuring a diverse range of residents and local organisations continue to be actively involved.

The structure of the Partnership and its engagement mechanisms have been developed to allow the community to take ownership of the programme whilst benefiting from the support and experience of a range of other organisations as required.

Anyone from within the community can attend its open Forum or Working Groups, whilst the Partnership Board will seek to ensure that it has as many representatives as possible, from a variety of social and skills backgrounds to fill the available spaces of voting members on the Board. The Partnership Board will ratify the Working Groups’ progress to ensure the delivery of our vision and engage with appropriate service providers for help which requires expertise.

The majority of members will be residents, but the Partnership will also include people from local organisations that are involved with the area as well. Membership of the Partnership will change over time in response to our activities and it will be reviewed at least annually.

Click here to see the partnership structure.

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